Encrypting digital communication

Encrypting digital communication

Encrypted digital communication protects against unauthorized access, content can no longer be read and evaluated.

IT criminals who want to capitalize on the information they read are on the rise. Occasionally, industrial espionage ends up in the press – the high number of unreported cases can only be guessed at. Especially the Wikileaks revelations have convinced IT experts worldwide of the importance of digital encryption.

An unencrypted e-mail is therefore like sending a postcard: Anyone with technical know-how can read it anywhere in the world. For companies with sensitive customer and business data, protecting their data is therefore a growing challenge.

Dr. Jörg Wever, Managing Director of Sta*Ware confirms: “For internal communication, we rely on our proven process methodology with integrated post chat and blog systems, so that data only reaches the desired recipient group. There is no risky mail traffic within companies and organizations”.

The Sta*Ware BusinessNavigation App for Android and iOS devices offers mobile access to information and latest data at any time, regardless of location, depending on the permissions of the individual employee. The data is only shown within the APP and is encrypted when accessed and stored on the device.

Via the Sta*Ware Portal, which is available as a cloud solution, the exchange of information and documents with customers, partners and suppliers can be controlled and secured very easily.

For communication with external contacts, the integrated, standalone Sta*Ware mail client with easy-to-use encryption option according to the S/MIME standard offers the best security that messages can only be decrypted by the recipient. No additional mail system is required in addition to Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator.