Sta*Ware BusinessNavigation – digital tranasformation made easy!

Sta*Ware BusinessNavigation manages your business processes comprehensively and across departments. Business and communication solutions are combined in one system and one database.

Sta*Ware BusinessNavigation for classic business solutions:

Sta*Ware Customer Relationship Management

Sta*Ware Enterprise Resource Planning

Sta*Ware Business Process Management

Sta*Ware Document Management

Sta*Ware Project Management

Sta*Ware Quality Management

These build on each other in order to handle business process and project management in line with requirements.

In addition, the following business solutions provide support:

Sta*Ware Business Analytics

creates through the systematic access to all data quickly and professionally required evaluations for further analysis and planning

Sta*Ware E-Collaboration

brings all communication channels together in one system for optimal efficiency of workflow and dynamic teamwork. With Sta*Ware Mobility Solutions, the Sta*Ware App and the Sta*Ware Portal, all Sta*Ware solutions are available on the go.

The solutions can be combined and used individually, depending on your requirements. We will be happy to send you detailed information material in the form of Sta*Ware white papers as part of an inquiry and advise you on your needs-based solution.

  • Order: automatic sorting of all data such as documents, e-mails, information, telephone calls. Due to Sta*Ware methodology all data is correctly assigned.
  • Fast response: all data is in a database and can be easily queried as needed.
  • Fast flow of information: no media breaks, everything is networked online regardless of location, mobile working is possible worldwide.
  • Efficiency & effectiveness: Uniform structure and workflows according to one methodology for all users in all processes, even when business processes are changed.
  • Satisfaction: for users, the Sta*Ware methodology including modern interfaces facilitates communication and collaboration.
  • Planning security: Scheduling and resource planning is possible at any time across teams. Any key figures for the future can be retrieved quickly and transparently.
  • Sustainability: all data is secure in one system – knowledge transfer
    e.g. for new employees is fully guaranteed.
  • Product Safety: exclusive programming know-how “Made in Germany, Starnberg”.

    Sta*Ware CRM 

    Customer Relationship Management

    Sta*Ware CRM covers the customer-related business processes in the areas of marketing, sales and customer service. The Sta*Ware process methodology seamlessly links the areas and all customer details can be edited and accessed based on rights. The service employee works on site at the customer, the Insides Sales Manager and Key Account Manager work together on the actual business process workflow. There are no more media breaks.

    The solutions Sta*Ware App and Sta*Ware EC make CRM processes available efficiently and mobile.

    • marketing
    • distribution
    • customer service
    • Marketing
      • Prospective Management
      • serial mailings
      • Campaign Management
      • PR
      • event management
      • newsletter
    • Sales
      • customer register
      • categorization
      • relationship management
      • offer creation/tracking
      • visit Reports
      • history/ Resubmission System
      • scheduling and coordination
      • status assignment
      • automatic notification service
      • lead management
      • document management/contract management
      • workflow
    • Customer service
      • customer service
      • ticket system
      • electronic customer file, customer equipment
      • service portal for prospects, customers and suppliers
    • structuring and controlling of business processes according to a methodology (process typology)
    • sales, processing and support work interlocked
    • uniform database
    • targeted marketing campaigns
    • higher productivity of the sales staff
    • higher service quality
    • quick forecasting of sales
    • simple cross-divisional reports
    • comprehensive search options

    Sta*Ware ERP

    Enterprise Resource Planning

    Sta*Ware ERP includes the control of business processes in the areas of merchandise management, production and human resources. Sta*Ware’s process methodology enables easy electronic integration of resources and materials in the manufacturing process. Throughput times can be significantly reduced and all movements are transparent. Besides production, all commercial and administrative processes are handled and optimized electronically.

    Sta*Ware CRM complements in the areas of marketing, sales and customer service. Sta*Ware EC regulates collaboration and communication in the ERP area as well. Through the Sta*Ware App solution, numerous ERP processes are also available for mobile use.

    • enterprise resource planning
    • product data management
    • production
    • human resources management
    • controlling
    • research and development

    ○ Enterprise Resource Planning

    • Sale
      • request
      • offer
      • order/purchase contract
      • equipment protocol
      • calculation
      • costumer quantity lists
      • invoice
      • FiBu interface
    • Purchasing
      • needs assessment
      • request
      • order
      • goods retrieval
      • goods receipt
      • incoming invoice
      • FiBu interface
    • Warehouse
      • item master
      • warehouse
      • commission stock
      • inventory valuation
      • stock withdrawals
      • inventory
      • FiBu interface

    Product data management

    • consistency
    • completeness
    • freedom of redundancy
    • parts lists
    • version management

    ○ Production

    • work preparation
    • parts list breakdown
    • recipes
    • needs assessment
    • appointment management

    ○ Human resources

    • application management
    • personnel development
    • electronic personnel file
    • employee portal
    • target agreements
    • talent management
    • time economy
    • commission settlement

    ○ Controlling

    • price, quantity variances
    • plan cost/actual costs

    Research and development

    • innovation management
    • KVP


    • automation of commercial processes
    • industry and customer-specific standards
    • consistency of data
    • fault prevention
    • time saving
    • cost reduction



    Sta*Ware BPM

    Business Process Management

    Sta*Ware BPM controls the electronic, cross-departmental mapping and comprehensive processing of company-specific business transactions.

    The goal of Sta*Ware BPM is to typify company-specific business transactions, to capture their characteristics and interrelationships and to map them using one or more transaction types.

    The structure of the business processes is thus made transparent and all details of the specific business transaction are systematically collected, ordered and processed.

    E-mails, documents and information thus move along the business process chain with the concrete incident and remain permanently connected to it. The basis for this is the Sta*Ware process methodology. This can be supplemented with address management, appointment calendar, an integrated e-mail system, document management and individual authorization rules. Organization, information and communication works across departments, on a company-wide platform, through all media and channels.

    • Business Process Management/ transaction management
    • information management
    • communication management
    • address management
    • authorization management
    • Business process management/process management
      • definition of process definitions via workflow mechanisms
      • regulation of the processing of specific business transactions, including their details within the framework of the specified process chains (Sta*Ware process methodology)
      • storage and structured processing of master and transaction data
    • Information management
      • structured input and retrieval of information about note boxes, key points and additional fields
      • comprehensive and cross-divisional search capabilities
      • filtering mechanisms
    • Communication management
      • regulation of internal communication with regard to all components of the individual process by means of notes and knowledge
      • communication dashboards
    • Address management
      • cross-sectoral management of all addresses and their components
      • integration of addresses into processes, projects and processes
    • Authorization management
      • control of access permissions
      • rules on confidentiality
    • continuous processes without media breaks
    • systematic overview of all business transactions including their details (documents, appointments, e-mails…)
    • automation of standard processes and decision routines
    • transparency in the organization by mapping the structure of the organization (tasks, responsibilities, processes) in the system
    • acceleration of the throughput times
    • sustainable documentation
    • independence through independent, simple adaptation of the transaction types when changing the business transaction

    Sta*Ware DMS

    Document Management

    The Sta*Ware DMS solution includes the database-supported electronic life cycle of documents. Documents are created and filled automatically and can be sent by e-mail directly at the process. Sample documents can be stored at the individual transaction. Workflow rules optimize the control and release processes. The documents are dynamically managed and electronically archived.


    • document creation and editing
    • document organization and management
    • research possibility
    • electronic archiving

    • Document creation and editing
      • pattern/template management
      • scheduling/ history/ resubmission/ notes
      • parallel editing of documents in teams
      • scaner connection/ Microsoft Office integration
      • automatic PDF creation
    • Document organization and management
      • management of QM documents
      • electronic file/personnel file/contract administration
      • folder structure, project structure, filter
      • workflow mechanisms: quotation creation, automatic notification, approval procedures
    • Archiving/search possibility
      • full text search
      • Service Portal for Audit Management
      • archiving relevant emails/contracts/ office files/ PDFs
      • revision-proof archiving
    • Mobility
      • Sta*Ware App: Retrieval and processing of documents and all related details on the go
      • Sta*Ware Portal: Integration of externals directly into document processing via the Sta*Ware Portal

    • CI-compliant document creation due to central sample management
    • automatic filling of Office documents with any data from the database
    • rule-based and automatic storage of files in the intended location
    • overview throgh systematic, automated storage of documents in the business process
    • r
    evision safety
    • role based processing options


    Sta*Ware PMS

    Project Management

    Sta*Ware PMS supports lively and agile project work. It combines the content, time and business aspects of project management in one system. From a project plan, tasks are assigned to the project team or responsible persons in real time and the progress of the individual project steps can be read directly from the plan. This provides automatic feedback to the plan and allows immediate reaction to deviations. Sta*Ware PMS is designed as a multi-project management system and contains resource utilization and capacity overviews.

    In combination with the Sta*Ware App and the Sta*Ware Portal, external and field staff can be seamlessly integrated into complex projects and the projects can be completed successfully and on time.

    • project planning
    • project management
    • project controlling
    • Project planning
      • structure planning: phases, milestones, tasks, task list
      • work package fine-tuning
      • project calculation
      • scheduling
      • resource and material planning
      • financial planning
      • project storage
      • creation of project plans/ gant diagram or network
    • Project control
      • real data actual matching and automatic feedback
      • phase, task, and task control
      • automatically integrated feedback via to-do lists
      • risk management
      • change management
    • Project controlling
      • plan and actual costs
      • Project Budget Monitoring
      • project time registration
      • resource utilization
      • open points list
      • status and problem report
      • reporting
      • project costing
      • formula-based measures

    • overview of all projects and the status of individual projects
    • efficient, electronic control and processing of projects
    • transparency through project plans and checklists
    • fast reaction time
    • security through access to all current figures and project details


    Sta*Ware QM

    Quality Management

    The Sta*Ware QM solution includes the continuous improvement of process quality, services and products. It is directly anchored in the Sta*Ware process methodology. Strategic guidelines are implemented in management processes and the operative level is directly linked to the corporate strategy via the Sta*Ware process typology. One advantage is that the electronic mapping of company processes and projects is thus available across departments according to a single methodology.  A further advantage is that the system is adjusted through deviation analyses and decision making based on key figures. Quality management models such as the EFQM model or ISO standards can thus be easily implemented electronically.


    • process definition
    • workflow mechanisms
    • QM manual
    • Process definition
      • Sta*Ware process methodology
      • task types
      • check points
      • assistants for data acquisition
      • history
    • Worflow mechanisms
      • system triggers for action control
      • definition of exclusion criteria for process flow
      • configurator for automatic knowledge
    • QM Manual
      • create, edit, manage
      • process-integrated working manual


    • workflows according to the process definition
    • integration of legal and other accreditation requirements
    • systematized training of employees
    • quality assurance



    Sta*Ware EC


    The Sta*Ware EC solution supports all Sta*Ware solutions across departments. The Sta*Ware process methodology creates smooth communication and collaboration around procedures, business processes and projects. Notes, notices and chat functions control internal communication. E-mail is used exclusively for external communication. Checklists, stored workflows, team folders and filter functions control agile collaboration. For example, development teams can use the Sta*Ware portal to communicate and exchange information quickly and professionally worldwide.



    • internal communication
    • external communication with integrated e-mail system
    • intra and inter-organizational cooperation
    • time and task management
    • internal communication
      • knowledge, notes, chat functions directly at the process, document
      • communication manager: welcome window, post window
      • Sta*Search, Full Text Search
    • external communication with integrated e-mail system
      • Sta*Ware MailCenter including outgoing outgoing e-mails, etc.
      • Sta*Ware Email Client
      • automatic inbox editing
      • forum function for the simultaneous processing of a task by multiple stakeholders
      • pattern emails, template management, newsletter sending, serial mailings
      • Sta*Search, Full Text Search
    • intra and inter-organizational cooperation
      • individual and project-related to-do lists
      • workflow mechanisms
      • exchange of information across system boundaries
    • time and task management
      • deadlines, deadlines, priorities (PIM)
      • typed checklists according to the task type
    • summarization of the communication channels in one system
    • no loss of information, no frictional loss
    • simple and fast communication
    • successful teamwork



    Sta*Ware APP


    Through the Sta*Ware App and the Sta*Ware Portal, Sta*Ware solutions are available on the go and globally. The Sta*Ware App is available for Android and iOS. Tasks, processes and projects including their details such as contact data, e-mails, notes, appointments and documents are accessible on the go. The Sta*Ware Portal expands the user group of Sta*Ware solutions for customers, suppliers and external partners, so that they can be directly involved in processes and projects. Communication and data brakes no longer exist. Business processes and projects remain in flux.


    • Sta*Ware App
    • Sta*Ware Portal
    • Sta*Ware Web Services
    • Sta*Ware App
      • transaction data and contact deteils become mobile e-mails, notes, appointments, and project management become mobile
      • business process management and project management become mobile
      • push functions
      • documents check in/check out
      • offline processing of e-mails
    • Sta*Ware Portal
      • mobile desktop via browser access
      • documents – up and download
      • defined workspaces and accesses on access from external scan
    • Sta*Ware Web Services
      • integration from any websites
      • data exchange with third-party systems
      • data collection from electronic forms
    • simple, worldwide communication at any time, any place, even offline
    • fast reaction possibilities and information processing even on the road
    • coordinated cooperation also with external parties
    • continuous processes without media breaks
    • route planner



    Sta*Ware BA

    Business Analytics

    The Sta*Ware BA solution enables data evaluation for strategic corporate management. It accesses all Sta*Ware solutions and thus all business areas. All data from BPM, ERP, CRM and PMS are stored in a uniform database and are available in real time. Standard reports and individual queries can be called up at any time.



    • Business Analytics
    • Standard Reporting
    • Business Analytics
      • automated monitoring (alarm when thresholds are exceeded/exceeded)
      • Ad hoc requests
      • drill-down concept
      • OLAP (Online Analytical Processing)
    • Standard Reporting
      • Reporting (KPIs, Metrics): Hourly Records, Project Status, Order Overview, Liquidity Planning, Unfinished Services, Cost Analysis, ABC Evaluations
      • company-specific reports
    • all numbers at one click
    • data consistency and data analysis
    • comprehensive controlling
    • warning functions to recognize and correctly assess future developments at an early stage
    • verified decision bases