About us

With more than 20 years of experience in software development, Sta*Ware EDV Beratung GmbH offers the Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator, a sophisticated software package for medium-sized businesses, to support its customers in the electronic control and processing of their business processes in a comprehensive and cross-departmental manner.

Sta*Ware EDV Beratung GmbH was founded in 1998 by Dr. Jörg Wever and Christian Paucksch in Starnberg, Germany, based on the company “Christian Paucksch EDV Beratung”, which was founded in 1990. Sta*Ware GmbH is fully owned by the founders, who have also served as managing directors of the company since the beginning.

Sta*Ware GmbH is specialized in the development and implementation of compact process, business process management and project management software. General groupware, workflow management functionalities as well as specific functions in the areas of project management, document management, CRM and ERP with interfaces to common financial accounting solutions are integrated in the system.In addition to the constant adaptation and expansion of the software solution to the needs of the market, Sta*Ware focuses especially on the needs and requirements of its customers, from system decision to full implementation and long-term strategic and operational support.

The industry-specific and practical solutions developed by Sta*Ware are adapted to the requirements of the market and the needs of the customers and offer long-term investment security.