Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator

Implement IT solutions professionally and transparently with the modular system of Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator.

In the central Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator, business transactions are typified, their characteristics and interrelationships are recorded and represented by one or more transaction types. Additional modules from the areas of ERP, CRM, project management, controlling, e-collaboration and mobility extend the configuration framework, workflow mechanisms and access options. Business processes are thus controlled and transparently handled across departments.

The modules can be combined and used individually, depending on your requirements. We will be happy to send you detailed information material in the form of Sta*Ware white papers as part of an inquiry and advise you on your needs-based solution.

• transparent and accurate mapping of business processes and project structures
• fast processing of the individual case
• efficient teamwork
• easy communication
• clear allocation of tasks
• data consistency, automatic sorting of all details

• easy scheduling and resource planning
• real-time project status queries
• all data and documents are in one database, no isolated applications
• evaluations and analyses of the data according to requirements
• quick access to systematized knowledge
• mobile working




    Sta*Ware InfoCenter is the basic module of Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator. All defined business processes are stored, all company data is assigned to the concrete processes. Depending on the role and authorizations, the view of the processes and the editing of the individual processes and their details is possible.

    • time management (resubmission, deadlines, prioritization)
    • personal and project-related to-do lists
    • internal communication channel
    • role-based security
    • history per business transaction
    • groupware functions
    • workflow concept to control the processes
    • privacy policy

    • electronic information and control center for company-wide business transactions
    • systematic data storage
    • communication platform
    • sales management
    • contact management
    • employee administration
    • application management
    • knowledge management




    With the MailCenter, the Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator offers all the functions of a standard e-mail system. The Sta*Ware MailCenter optimizes external communication, while internal communication is controlled via info fields and acknowledgements. Messages are directly integrated into existing projects and processes using the rules for checking incoming e-mail.

    • the e-mail client can be called up from all modules for the direct sending of e-mails
    • process-dependent presetting for recipients, attachments, subject, salutation and e-mail text
    • definable signature according to the corporate identity, which cannot be changed by the user
    • serial mailing, newsletter dispatch
    • sample e-mails according to the transaction type
    • VIP function for e-mail receipt

    • marketing actions
    • contract dispatch as PDF
    • offer preparation
    • customer management / CRM
    • audit-proof e-mail archiving


    staware - terminkalender


    The Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator calendar has all the standard functions of a modern calendaring tool and is directly embedded in the processes, projects and procedures

    • individual and group appointment calendar
    • views for day, week, month and year
    • display of users, resources and external persons
    • SyncML Synchronization
    • exchange appointments with Outlook and other calendars via iCal (RFC 2445 and following)
    • operating calendar for public holidays with consideration of regional particularities
    • direct integration into time recording and attendance overview to display vacation and sick days

    • scheduling in general daily business
    • sales management
    • exchange with external partners via iCalendar (RFC 2445)
    • control of service technicians
    • consideration of already entered dates in the project planning
    • birthday reminder


    staware dokumentenmanagement


    With the DocuCenter, Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator integrates the complete document management into business processes such as CRM, ERP and projects.

    • automatic storage of files in the file system or database according to configured rules, storage also across locations via UNC
    • sample/template management with context reference to clerks and transaction types
    • automatic filling of office documents with database contents
    • electronic project file with check out/ check in functions for notebooks or customer documentation
    • automatic PDF generation
    • integrated full text search
    • revision management with release and archiving

    • administration of QM documents
    • pattern / template management
    • contract management
    • archiving
    • simultaneous editing of documents in a team
    • document version management




    With the AddressCenter, the Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator provides the data basis for the assignment of transactions to your customers, partners, suppliers, etc. Any information about companies, addresses and persons can be recorded.


    • central and company-wide valid address master
    • settings for private contacts, own address books and e-mail distribution lists
    • duplicate check during input and for existing persons
    • simple assignment of address characteristics and additional data
    • no limitation of the amount of information
    • integration with CRM, ERP, project management
    • accounts receivable and accounts payable extension for FIBU interface

    • contact management and history
    • marketing actions
    • serial letters and e-mails
    • supplier management
    • application procedure
    • personnel management


    Sta*Ware Zeiterfassung


    The TimeRecording module integrates time and attendance recording into the Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator. Vacation and flexitime accounts are managed and linked to the appointment calendar.


    • time recording for projects with activities and comments
    • determination of attendances
    • cost rates and transfer prices per resource and time booking
    • posting block to save past periods
    • authorization concept for posting to projects
    • vacation and flexitime accounts
    • comparison of the resource utilization with the target and actual time

    • human ressource management
    • time account
    • ProjectControlling
    • time sheet for invoicing
    • determination of hourly sales rates
    • business trip as a business process


    staware projektmanagement


    The ProjectManagement module enables the structuring of the individual project by means of sections and activities and provides all functions for steering, planning and controlling. Project-ToDo lists, checklists, workflow rules, and schedules and resource plans help to keep the strings in hand in every project phase in order to take the next right steps.


    • multi-project system
    • project hierarchy with subprojects in any depth
    • sections / phases for the temporal or content delimitation of activities within a project
    • electronic project file for documents and e-mails
    • version management for customer documents such as plans, reports, contracts, etc.
    • checklists, notes and documentation per project can be defined and retrieved
    • definition of project teams with internal and external persons
    • controlling according to content, time and commercial aspects
    • planning with GANTT diagram and network plan
    • determination of the critical path

    • multi-project planning
    • project tracking from inquiry to completion
    • documentation of the project management




    Sta*Ware BusinessProcessEngine enables the modeling of processes and workflows according to company-specific requirements.


    • detection and classification of a series of events and then independent execution of certain actions
    • verification of workflows – for example, whether an event is even scheduled to occur at a certain point in the workflow
    • different workflows depending on user rights and roles

    • automation of workflows according to company-specific guidelines
    • mapping of business processes
    • rule-based transaction processing using exclusion criteria to optimize throughput times




    The ProjectControlling module enables the analysis and transparent, key figure-based evaluation of individual and all projects. Indicators for early detection of deviations are included.


    • project calculation based on resources, suppliers, material and travel costs
    • budget management
    • automatic summation of all key figures at project level
    • display of totals and key figures on a time axis for temporal distribution
    • formula editor for defining your own key figures
    • comparison of target and actual figures
    • summarization of figures at the level of project managers, departments, customers and customer

    • commercial analyses (BWA)
    • determination of the unfinished services
    • pre- and post-calculation
    • ABC Analysis


    Staware Reporting


    With the ReportingCenter, Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator provides access to all figures stored in Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator. Predefined filters are linked to the desired pivot overviews. This creates fast, individual overviews of current, business-relevant figures.


    • flexible pivot views with predefined filters
    • types: Order, documents, receipts with calculation, invoices, projects, planning, times, attendances and payroll accounts
    • formula editor for e.g. sum, average, percentage calculations …
    • export options to Excel and HTML
    • very user friendly

    • immediate recognition of business failures
    • simple and flexible ProjectControlling at management level
    • replacement of conventional reports
    • quick and easy creation of ad hoc queries
    • management report, monthly standard reports


    staware Verkauf


    Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator integrates the Sales module directly into transaction processing. Documents are additions to the transaction types to map inquiries, offers, orders, delivery bills, outgoing invoices, credit bills, payments and reminders.

    • standard ERP transaction types and workflow for sales
    • additional special types for financing, maintenance invoice and final invoice
    • document items based on product catalog, product group or free text
    • price list with priorities, validity, graduated prices and foreign currencies per product, customer, customer group or generally definable
    • parts lists
    • document costing
    • multi-client capability

    • order entry
    • create and maintain sales price lists
    • billing
    • administration of orders as customer equipment
    • combining individual orders into projects


    Staware Service


    To handle CustomerService cases and complaints, Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator includes a special module for CustomerService. In combination with the Sta*Ware Portal, this results in a powerful CRM system that integrates customer actions directly into internal processes.

    • typification of incidents with the possibility of evaluation
    • automatic distribution of processes to the person or subcontractor concerned, also via web portal or smartphone
    • ticket system
    • control functions
    • status inquiries and electronic status reports to the customer
    • newsletter and News-Portal
    • electronic and automated appointment scheduling

    • Service Desk
    • incident management
    • problem management
    • automatic distribution of service operations
    • product recalls


    Staware Einkauf Modul


    The Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator integrates the Purchasing module directly into the transaction processing. Documents are additions to the transaction types to display inquiries, orders, delivery bills, incoming invoices, credit notes, payments and commission statements.


    • standard ERP transaction types for purchasing
    • ddditional special types for cash receipts, commission statements and travel expenses
    • order entry for cross-project determination of order times and optimal order quantities
    • workflow for approval of incoming invoices
    • direct integration of inventory management with reservation, warehouse, commission warehouse and production
    • document and local currency with key date conversion
    • article master with merchandise categories, variants, attributes and preferred suppliers
    • management of the EC prices per article, variants and supplier

    • article and warehouse management
    • controlling of open order, delivery and invoice items
    • create and maintain purchase price lists
    • automated orders
    • budget- monitoring
    • release of incoming invoices




    With the AuditorCenter, the Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator maps the special business processes required in QualityManagement and certification.

    • dministration of accreditors, auditors and qualifications
    • customer management with industries, scopes and locations
    • certification process including proposal preparation, testing procedures, certificate issuance

    certification procedure regarding

    • QualityManagement
    • energy and environmental management
    • occupational safety
    • energy management
    • property management
    • personal certification



    Sta*Ware APP

    The Sta*Ware App for Android and iOS enables the flow of business processes to be maintained regardless of time and place. Fast action and reaction possibilities are given. Not only is it possible to work with e-mails, appointments and contacts, but also to have a comprehensive view of the entire process and its details such as documents, notes, etc., thus creating information and reaction security even when on the road.

    • mobile case processing including e-mails, contacts, appointments, notes, documents, phone calls, SMS
    • mobile access to the E-MailCenter, DokuCenter, AdressCenter
    • mobile mail window

    • mobile, individualized access to business processes/business data that are mapped by the Sta*Ware BusinesNavigator
    • field service
    • distribution
    • project work
    • controlling
    • marketing



    Sta*Ware Web-Portal

    The Sta*Ware Portal allows access to the Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator and its functions via the web. This enables the direct integration of external people, such as suppliers, customers and external employees into the business processes.

    according to authorizations defined access to the
    • InfoCenter
    • AdressCenter
    • DokuCenter
    • E-MailCenter
    • mail window

    • service management
    • customer management
    • support
    • integration of external parties into business processes
    • knowledge management
    • store knowledge and make it centrally available
    • presentation and external presentation
    • process control & project management
    • order management
    • QualityManagement