Relax on vacation: With Sta*Ware projects are ongoing & intimate

Relax on vacation: With Sta*Ware projects are ongoing & intimate

It is vacation time in companies and institutions. Projects can still be realized professionally and on time.

Intelligent devices such as portal and app support the planning, control and monitoring of projects.

APP gives you an overview at any time and any place. The app’s push function keeps you constantly informed about important details while you are on the road. The portal provides access to relevant project plans, all your appointments, tasks and processes.

Whether quality management, resolving resource conflicts or coordinating dependencies between individual projects: Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, you are always up to date with the current project status.

With the Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator, your vacation replacement has access to all relevant customer data via the integrated CRM system. Documents are stored in the document management system (DMS). Access to the DMS is also possible on the move. Furthermore, the e-mail system supports complete customer communication. Representation regulations are taken into account in the system.

In addition, project control and resource planning is effectively possible via GANTT diagrams. Project controlling and project evaluation is also supported by the system.