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Sta*Ware GmbH, based in Starnberg, Germany, has specialized for over 25 years in the development and implementation of compact, process-oriented software solutions for medium-sized businesses.

The business software Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator offers standard solutions in the areas of customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, time management, business process management, document management, project management, e-collaboration, quality management and business analytics, as well as industry solutions and individual customer solutions, based on the Sta*Ware process methodology.

Through the Sta*Ware app and the Sta*Ware portal, Sta*Ware solutions are available globally at any time and the involvement of third parties in project business or end-to-end process flows is possible.

Customer management, merchandise management, time management, human resources management, process management, task management, document management, project management, project controlling, communication management, quality management, compliance and analysis methods are available in one system, are combined as needed, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the company. Sta*Ware solutions are of course also available as stand-alone solutions.

Sta*Ware BusinessNavigation realizes comprehensive business management systems, workflow-based work platforms or communication platforms. The mapping, control and evaluation of standardized and company-specific business processes, projects, communication and data is carried out across departments, on a database and according to a methodology.

Customers of Sta*Ware GmbH are mainly from service-oriented industries, such as engineering, architecture and planning offices, prefabricated house manufacturers, real estate management companies, tax consultants, administrative authorities, software manufacturers and management consulting companies.


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