sw2.8 – What’s new?

sw2.8 – What’s new?

Since 07.10.2019 sw2.8 Patch 1_ WinClient 102 and DB Update 207 are available for download.

In the course of this, we would like to draw your attention once again to the main new features of version sw2.8 in the areas of Sta*Ware Project Management, Sta*Ware Reporting, Sta*Ware Communication Management, Sta*Ware App and Sta*Ware Archiving. In the foreground are here: Efficiency in multi-project management, graphical representation of reports, security in communication management and archiving in document management.

Sta*Ware Project Management

The Sta*Ware Project Management and Sta*Ware InfoCenter modules are now just two mouse clicks away. This means that from Sta*Ware InfoCenter it is possible to switch directly to Sta*Ware Project Management and Project Manager by right-clicking. What are the advantages of this? In Sta*Ware InfoCenter it is possible to process tasks and tasks from several different projects. Using the new function, you can now directly access the Sta*Ware project manager of the specific project. On the one hand, it is possible to view the individual task/project steps in the context of the specific project. In other words, you can access reporting, master data or key figures of the project. On the other hand, it is possible to directly access the project planning, i.e.: for example, to extend tasks in the Gant diagram or to add resources. All the details needed to process the activity/project step directly and comprehensively are available in real time and can be accessed directly. The working method in multi-project management is considerably accelerated.

A clear overview of the individual’s own processes and tasks is an essential part of project management. In addition to the previous functions, the Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator achieves this through the new function “highlight own”. The responsibility of the individual within the projects is highlighted, making the individual’s task landscape transparent.

Through the Sta*Ware portal it is possible to involve third parties directly in project management and project planning. For example, documents and notes can be edited by external parties, tasks can be set to completed. This results in a direct communication flow and time savings with external parties.

Sta*Ware Reporting

The Sta*Ware ReportingCenter increases project transparency through new functions. On the one hand, the new dynamic reporting enables a fast procedure to provide data requested by the customer and thus to quickly summarize data according to the request. In addition, the new chart function allows all data available in the reporting to be displayed graphically with just one mouse click. The project status in its details can thus be communicated transparently to different addressees with individual requirements at any time. Reaction times are thus accelerated.

Sta*Ware Communication Management

The security of internal and external communication data is a priority for every company in order to protect sensitive data and business secrets. The Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator protects the internal communication through the communication tools Notes and Acknowledgements. In this way, the data never leaves the company’s own system. External communication takes place via e-mail. Sta*Ware uses security technologies with encryption algorithms based on S/MIME, an asymmetrical encryption method. This ensures that the message arrives safely and unaltered at the intended recipient and can only be read by him or her. Communication data is thus protected internally and externally.

Sta*Ware APP

The Sta*Ware App makes the Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator available on the go. The new function “Create VCard” allows you to enter contact data from the Sta*Ware database via VCard and share it via Bluetooth, e-mail or air-drop. In this way, contact data can be easily forwarded at trade fairs or events, and networks can be better linked.

Sta*Ware Archiving

Obligations to keep records result from different legal regulations. The GoBD is on everyone’s lips. The principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as for data access must be observed. Sta*Ware Archiving enables you to archive projects, processes as a whole, or their details such as documents or even individual e-mails. This allows you to implement the general requirements for archiving, as well as the requirements for archiving in electronic form. The process documentation must be individually defined for each company, and Sta*Ware’s workflow rules must be established.