Sta*Ware navigates business processes in a new design

Sta*Ware navigates business processes in a new design

CRM and ERP provider Sta*Ware GmbH has opted for a contemporary flat design and relaunched the InfoCenter, which is being renamed Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator.

Starnberg, December 01, 2015: Sta*Ware GmbH has been offering its customers the compact CRM and ERP system InfoCenter for over 20 years. From now on, both Sta*Ware GmbH and InfoCenter will have a new look to support the modern functions offered by the program in their design.

Sta*Ware GmbH presents itself in modern shades of blue and contemporary flat design on its homepage as well as in its ERP and CRM software. The well-known proprietary business software InfoCenter is renamed Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator. The valued integration of the functions CRM, ERP, DMS, e-mail, project management, purchasing and sales remain.

Customers will continue to be able to access a database from different perspectives of their business. With the new name Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator, Sta*Ware symbolizes the main goal of the software to map business processes, including mobile support. With the Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator, users can access their CRM and ERP data in the classic way via a PC client or on the road via web and app (iOS and Android are supported). With the new design of the Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator client, the windows can be arranged and displayed individually, so that every user can immediately see the information of his ERP and CRM application that is important to him.

With the new Sta*Ware BusinessNavigator, business processes continue to be optimally supported and are visually simpler for the user with a modern flat design and individual screen layout.